REVIEW: Consonant Skincare

Hi, everyone! I am very excited to share a skincare company with you that I have been loving for the past month. You see, since November, my skin has been changing and rebelling against everything I do to it. I even went without wearing makeup for a while to see if that would help, and nothing.

While I was perusing Twitter, I noticed my good friend Leanne talking about Pause Beauty. I entered a contest that they were having for a free facial. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I was offered a significant discount to get a facial. I was at the end of my rope with my skin and had no idea what to do, so I hopped on that train and booked my facial.

Michelle is the owner of the small shop on Bloor St. W. and she is fabulous. She is the one who did my facial, and she was so gentle and amazing. It was well worth the full price of money, and I am definitely going to keep going back regularly.

What I am here to review is the skincare that she introduced me to. The line is called Consonant Skincare, and the website can be viewed here. It is all-natural and made in Toronto. I made it a point to email them and ask if they test on animals, and I got a very prompt reply stating that they do not.

So what products did I buy? I bought the Pure Unscented Foaming Face Wash, the DHE Mask, and on a separate trip to their flagship store, I bought the Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream.

The first product that I will talk about is the Pure Unscented Organic Foaming Face Wash. This is unscented; however, I smell the tea tree in it when I use it. This does not bother me as I love that smell, and it makes me feel like the product is actually working. This cleanser is amazing. I cannot think of a better word to describe it. I cleans out my pores, takes off all of my makeup (mascara included! ), tones the skin, soothes the skin, and does not dry it out. After using this for only a week, I noticed a miraculous difference in my skin, as did Sergiu, my boyfriend. This retails for $18CAD, so it is a fantastic value for the price. If you want to see the ingredients list, click here.

I’m not sure why I didn’t pick up the moisturizer when I was at Pause Beauty, but while I was on a shopping trip, I realized Consonant’s flagship store was close by, so I went in to look for the moisturizer. I was running low on my current stuff and decided to make the switch. They have only two moisturizers: the one pictured above for all skin types, and another one for specifically dry skin. I have been using the moisturizer for only a couple of weeks, but it is fabulous. I have combination-normal skin, and this doesn’t make my skin feel oily at all, which I find a lot of moisturizers do. This is supposed to be unscented, but I do smell a buttery smell as I believe cocoa butter is included in this formula. This retails for $54CAD, so it is a bit on the pricier side, but it’s 100% natural and has quite a few organic ingredients. This is a beautiful moisturizer, and if you want to see the ingredients list, click here.

I saved the best for last. This mask is the bee’s knees. It made my skin look amazing in just one use! This is formulated with a type of clay called Manicouagan Clay which is from a 215 million year old asteroid crash in Quebec. This mask took all of the redness out of complexion, brightened my skin, and gave it a gentle exfoliation. I was told that I could mix a small amount of the mask with the cleanser for a fabulous exfoliating cleanse, but I have yet to do that. The mask stays on the skin for longer than my other masks, clocking in at about 30 minutes. The consistency of the mask is thin, but you don’t need to make up for that and overuse the product. A thin layer will do fine on your face. The mask was easy to rinse off and I didn’t feel like I had a ton left over in my pores. I highly recommend this product to anyone. If you want more information and an ingredients list, click here.

I have plans to purchase Consonant’s firming eye cream and do a review on that as well. I have tried a sample of it from Pause Beauty, and that’s what was used on me during my facial, but I am not comfortable enough to review it on that small amount used.

If you have tried any of Consonant’s Skincare or Body Care, comment below and let me know! I’m really excited that they’re located here in Toronto and they’re easy to find. I will definitely be making it a point to try even more of their products!

Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated for this review, nor were any of the products provided for me for this unbiased review.

  • LifeNeverything

    I live close by to Consonant Skin Care Store and whenever I needed the sunblock I go there to get it. There are days when I find the sunblock too think but I just add 1 drop of the HydrExtreme and it goes on well, smooth and easy to apply. I have a very sensitive and acne prone skin. So far, Consonant and my skin are getting along with each other.