REVIEW: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

My website is Lipstick and Laura, so let’s review a lipstick set! Today I have the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set to review. This set retails for $47CAD at Sephora, and there are 9 mini-sized lipsticks in this set.

The packaging is very minimal as the lipsticks are just packaged inside the box. I thought there would be a tray inside with the lipsticks set inside it, but they’re just set up to roll out of the box. Thumbs up for no unnecessary packaging, but thumbs down if you open the box at a downward angle.

The lipstick tubes are black tubes with pointy (but not too pointy!) studs all over, and they close very securely. I love the packaging of the tubes on these as they’re minimal but very cool.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?! Here are pictures of each of the lipsticks (taken in artificial lighting on a cloudy day):

The shades in this set are described as follows (Taken from Sephora)

  • Countess: Matte hot orange red
  • Agatha: Matte pale peach nude
  • Adora: Metallic golden red
  • Sexer: Iridescent fluorescent pink
  • Wonderchilde: Iridescent neon lilac
  • Bachelorette: Matte reddish fuchsia
  • Mötorhead: Matte black cherry
  • Lovecraft: Matte mauve pink nude
  • Hexagram: Matte blood red

Best Shades: Adora and Lovecraft.

Adora is a beautiful metallic red shade with great color payoff and a velvety formula. I do not own anything quite like this red. The golden tone of the red works great with my skintone, and it reminds me almost of those velvet Christmas ribbons with golden strands incorporated throughout. It’s a very beautiful color.

Lovecraft is a great matte mauve color. It’s like a nude lipstick, but not. It is great for people who want an understated lip color but don’t want to nude out their lips entirely. It also works for the 90’s lipstick trend that is picking up this season. As much as I love this color, I do wish it was a bit more opaque, but I really do love the color.

Worst Shades: Agatha and Mötorhead.

Agatha is very, very light for my medium yellow skintone. It emphasized the lines in my lips, and was not attractive on me at all. This color might be better suited for anyone with a more fair skintone. When it was swatched, I loved it, but when I put it on, I realized how bad it looked on me.

I wanted to love Mötorhead so badly. The color is not as intimidating on the lips as it is in the tube, but the color payoff is very uneven and harder to work with than any other shade in this set. I am going to try to layer my MAC lipliner in Nightmoth underneath it to hopefully make it more even and see where it goes because the color is incredible, but the formula is just very hard to work with.

Overall: These lipsticks have seen some of the most mixed reviews that I have ever read. The formula of the iridescent colors are definitely not as drying as the matte shades, but I did not find the matte shades to be as drying as I have been lead to believe. They will certainly accentuate lines and dry spots in your lips if you don’t exfoliate and moisturize your lips before hand, but my lips did not feel much more dry after applying the lipsticks. The formula on a few of the colors such as Countess, Sexer, and Bachelorette have almost a clay-like consistency when applying to the lips, so the color payoff is greater with those formulas.

I did wear Hexagram for the remainder of the day during dinner and even through a nap (too be honest, I was just too lazy to take it off before my cat nap), and it stayed put the entire time. The color only began to fade slightly after about 7 hours.

While the formula is a bit drying on the lips, the color payoff is great for most of these lipsticks. It is clear that they skimped on moisture to make the lip color longer-lasting and more matte.

If you are uncomfortable with matte lipsticks because of the way they make your lips feel, I would recommend shopping for a different line of lipsticks.

If you are a lipstick-shy person, this set will most likely not work for you as the colors are quite bold and bright.

I personally like the long-lasting formula and the bold colors, so I am overall happy with this purchase, even if I will not wear a couple of the shades (Agatha just does not work well with my skintone, and Wonderchilde is not a color I typically wear when it comes to purple shades, but a friend of mine will wear it like a champ and look amazing in it).

Let me know your thoughts down below! What are your favorite lip colors and formulas? Have you tried the Kat Von D Studded Lipsticks before?