OOTN: Bright blue jumpsuit. LOVE.

Hi everyone! Wow, it’s been a crazy past few days. I wanted to get up an outfit post because I went out on Thursday night to a great bloggers event at Miracle10 Skincare. I will do a post about that later on this month.

So after my post about how sick I have been, my boyfriend got sick. Like, really sick. We spent a lot of time in the hospital this week, and he was finally discharged yesterday. He’s doing well now, but a lot of rest and a better diet is in his future.

On to the outfit! Due to the back and forth from the hospital to my house (and a little bit of hanging out with miss Leanne since she came to town), I have basically been living in knee high boots, leggings, and big sweaters. Excited to finally get to wear some big-girl clothes!

I picked up this incredible bright blue jumpsuit during the week at M for Mendocino. It was on sale, and I died when I tried it on. I’ve been really into jumpsuits lately, and the color of this was just amazing.

So in addition to the great jumpsuit, I won this amazing handbag from Brave Leather that Nicole from DaintyGirl ran a contest on, and it came in the mail so I paired it with the outfit. Originally, I was going to wear it with a black jumpsuit, but it complements this blue one so amazingly.

For my makeup, I kept it quite neutral with some brown shadows from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and MAC Blankety lipstick with NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee.

I also recently got my hair done. Didn’t she do a wonderful job?! I’m so happy with it. It just seems so much more refreshed and less heavy.

Anyways, I’ve been spending this weekend at Spark Sessions, so keep an eye out and you will see a post about it Monday night! If you see me, come hi! I love meeting new people!

Stay beautiful, everyone! xoxo

  • Sarah Ohm

    Loooove the jumpsuit girl – and the hair!!!
    Excited to see your post about the M10 event!!! 🙂
    S. xoxo