Grab a snack and get comfy! This is a long one!

Hi, everyone! I’m a little bit late on this, but here is my IMATS haul! I apologize for the wonky editing. I’ve been having very awful troubles with my computer crashing every time Premiere is open, so I edited it the best I could and just uploaded it. I have a new computer coming in soon, so everything will be peachy keen then!

Products Mentioned:

  • China Glaze Polishes: What a Pansy, Ruby Pumps, For Audrey, I Love Your Guts, You Drive me Coconuts, Peachy Keen
  • Essie Polishes: Where’s My Chauffer, Damsel in a Dress, Very Cranberry, Buy Me a Cameo, Mojito Madness, unnamed red (I’m sorry!)
  • Cici Lashes: #340, #221, #343, #427, #440
  • Velour Lashes in Whispie Sweet Nothings, Strike a Pose, Doll Me Up
  • Morphe Brush Set
  • Morphe 35U Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
  • Beauty Blenders
  • Face Atelier Foundation in Ivory
  • Face Atelier Facade in Arabesque
  • Naked Cosmetics Pigment Set in Mother Nature
  • The Lip Bar lipsticks in Vesper, Merlot, and Kiss Me

Thanks for watching! I’m going to work on filming and getting my November favorites up within the next couple of days. I have 3 exams this weekend, so I’ve been cramming at the same time as blogging. Guess which one I find to be more fun. 😛

Please bear (roar) with me as I get my computer stuff sorted out!

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  • Oh man, the price of those lashes! Ahhhhh! Why didn’t I look into those?! Seriously weird about them not having any covers.

    I’ve really been struggling with the Morphe palette I picked up. It’s predominantly matte shades and my god do they like to just like… well it’s like the shadow just drops off my lid. Or lifts off. Totally bizarre.

    • Laura Gallant

      REALLY?! Mine is so awesome at staying! That’s a shame! I use one of the matte shades pretty much everyday for a crease color, but I haven’t had that problem. I wonder if your palette is just not as good. That’s so disappointing to here.

      And the lashes are fab. I love them so much. 😛

      • It might be that neon-ness of the shades I was using. Bugger!

        I’m glad yours are working out though!