A Pretty Pink Valentine's Day Post!

Hello again! Look at me finally blogging regularly!

Today I have some swatches of some pretty pink lipsticks I was sent from Wet N Wild. I love pink. It’s my favorite color, and I will do everything in my power to have pink everything. Naturally, Pink lipstick is a favorite of mine. I’m super girly that way.

I was going to do another whole Valentine’s Day makeup look, but by the time I got home from class last night, my makeup had rubbed off, and I was running on about 4 hours of sleep. It was not pretty, and I will not subject you to my face in that state. I’m being considerate and looking out for you is all. ;]

This runs along my Valentine’s Day themed posts this week because there’s nothing more loving than a pink lipstick! 🙂

Up first is the lipstick from my previous post, Hot Paris Pink. I have worn this lipstick several times since I received it, and I love it. I always get compliments on it. It’s a creamy formula with a surprisingly long lasting color. It’s a bolder pink if you want to play up your lips more. Just to let you know, in my last post, I had a NYX lipliner on underneath this, so that’s why it’s a brighter pink. This is the lipstick on its own.

Next lipstick I have is Don’t Blink Pink. This is a slightly more fucshia pink lipstick, and it’s a bit more matte than the previous color. This is a dolly pink. I love it. It lasts very long, and I had some stains on my lips last night after taking this off. This will definitely last you through that candlelit dinner no problem.

This next product is actually a Megaslicks balm stain by Wet N Wild. This is called A Stiff Pink. This formula is very creamy, and it does stain the lips. I was surprised at how creamy it was because I’m used to things in stick form being dry. Just be careful with this one though because it looks like it might be easy to break off the tip if you’re too rough. Just be gentle–there’s no need to press down so hard on these because the color payoff is still pretty great.

That’s the roundup of pretty pink lipsticks to wear this Saturday! I am loving these colors and formulas, but I wish Wet N Wild was easier to find for me. I know they’re available at Walmart, but Walmart is so far out of my way that I haven’t been to one in almost 2 years. Maybe I’ll get a friend to pick me up some more when they pop into Walmart.

I’m hoping to do another full makeup look before Valentine’s Day, but I was able to get some filming in for a current favorites video, so I might post that first. I haven’t decided. Preferences? Opinions? Sound off below!

What are your favorite lipsticks? Have you tried Wet N Wild’s lipstick before?