Retail Therapy: I didn't do THAT much damage

About two weeks ago, my bag broke. My really pretty River Island bag that I purchased fell off my shoulder and onto the road with a loud thud while I was crossing the street. Granted, it was only the shoulder strap that broke, but I can’t carry a purse without the option of a shoulder strap, so in my mind it was broken. The gold D-ring that the strap clips onto is now mutilated. My heart broke, and I almost cried. I love that bag. I will still carry it, but not while I’m going to work or class and carrying a million things. Naturally, I used this as an excuse to shop on my favorite website, ASOS.

Because my bag broke, I decided to buy a new bag. I have been very drawn to beige colored bags in the past year or so, so I was interested in either a brightly colored bag or a black bag. I decided to get a black bag because I would be using this bag for everything including work and school, so I wanted it to match whatever I would wear. I love the combination of gold and black in this bag. It’s very simple, but it’s still large. My only gripe is that it doesn’t stand on its own, and I have to frequently rest it against things. Click here if you want to check out the bag online.

As I was looking at bags, something came over me and I decided to look at sunglasses. I’ve been looking for a decently-priced statement pair of sunglasses for a while now, and was even contemplating purchasing the Quay sunglasses that have become so popular in recent months–their prices are decent, and they have great statement pieces. Then I came across these bad boys on Asos and almost died of excitement in my chair. I didn’t realize they matched my new bag until I took pictures this morning and laughed at how that happened. I love these sunglasses. Cat eye sunglasses are great with my face shape, and these are sunglasses that are priced very well and have a great look to them.  They are a bit smaller than I’m used to so wearing false lashes with these might not be the best idea, but I love love love them. So much.

I have been looking for a nice hat for a long time. All of the ones that I have seen are fedoras or ridiculously expensive. Fedoras don’t look good on me, and I’m not in the market for a $150 hat right now, unfortunately. I saw this one on ASOS and had to cancel my previous order and reorder everything to add this to my order. This hat comes in different sizes, so I had to guess if I was a medium or a large, but I chose medium, and it just fits me. It makes me wonder how big the large is, but I feel as if it would be too big.


Usually when I shop on Asos, I order a bunch of stuff, but this time I only bought three things, so I’m proud of myself. I just wanted to share with you guys my recent purchases and retail therapy (I have been so stressed lately), and maybe inspire you a bit!

Have you bought anything recently? What is something you’re currently saving up for?

  • Zoe

    that hat is adorable!

  • Zoe

    that hat is adorable!

  • Nancy



    Definitely couldn’t pull off those sunglasses for the life of me. I saw some really cute hats (similar) to the one you bought at F21 down here. Not sure if USA + Canada stocks different things.