REVIEW: Essence Spring/Summer Launch

Today I have a sort of event recap, mostly review for you guys. You see, a few weeks ago, I was invited to an event at Casa Loma as posted about on my Instagram. The event was for Essence’s launch into spring, and it was a fantastic affair–one of amazing food, drinks, people, product, and fun. I had a seriously great time. Due to me always having their signature drink in my hand or carrying chicken and waffles (amazing food, right?), I ended up not taking many pictures. And because I was a bad blogger, I ended up not recapping the night fully. Here is one picture that I ended up with though. You can tell how much planning and detail went into this event simply by looking at this fabulous dessert table:

As we were leaving the event, we received a huge swag bag of Essence products, and that is what I am reviewing for you today! Essence is a brand that you can find at the drugstore, and their price point is pretty low. I’ve been impressed with their nail polishes since I purchased a nude polish with my own money and wear it rather often. Due to the volume of products we received, I am going to break this down into two different reviews. We’re going to go over most of the awesome eye products that we were given (I seem to have lost a mascara somewhere along the line…bad blogger!).

essence review part 1
Let’s talk about the Metal Glam eyeshadows! These are intense eyeshadows with a metallic finish in some great colors. I have not tried these wet, but I’m sure they will give an even more intense finish if you pair them with MAC Fix+ or Inglot Duraline drops. Here are the swatches for the colors they gave us:

Metal Glam Shadows Swatches
L-R: #15 hello goldie!, #03 frosted apple, #02 coffee to glow, #18 choco-chic[/caption]

These are very easy to work with, and they are quite pigmented; although, some are more pigmented than others. With that said, you can definitely build up the lighter pigmented colors to create a more intense color. Frosted Apple and Choco-Chic are my favorites in this collection. Choco-Chic is a great warm brown color that’s very versatile, and I’ve been looking for a color like Frosted Apple for a long time–a gorgeous medium watermelon pink for the summer time.

In addition to the Metal Glam collection, we have the 3D eyeshadows. These are great if you love duo eyeshadows. They have two colors per container that complement each other, and the pigment is pretty great with these ones as well.

3d eyeshadows swatches
L-R: #05 irresistible first love, #08 irresistible vanilla latte, #03 irresistible choco cupcake.

Irresistible First Love is a medium silver color and a light ballerina pink. For some reason, I could not get the pink to show pink in any pictures, but it’s a very ice-princess-prom-queen type of duo. Not entirely my style, but it would look amazing on anyone who is into those types of colors. Irresistible Vanilla Latte Is a champagne color paired with a light cream color; the light cream color isn’t as pigmented as the champagne color as you can see in my swatch, but the champagne color is beautiful. Irresistible Choco Cupcake is my favorite out of these because you can see how pigmented it is, and how gorgeous that brown is! The lighter color is a bit of a pinky-light gold color, and it’s gorgeous for the spring and summer time.

In addition to those eye goodies, we also received Essence’s Smokey Eyes Sets. We received two of these trios: #01 Smokey Night and #02 Smokey Day.

smokey eyes set swatches
L-R: #02 Smokey Day, #01 Smokey Night[/caption]

These are great trios for if you’re unsure of what you want to pair with what, and just need something that’s quick. Each color is highly pigmented, and they’re neutral, so they’ll go with everything.

One of the products that I was the most excited to get my hands on was the Essence 2-in-1 Eyeliner Pen. This retails for, I think, $4.99CAD in the drugstore. It’s a double-ended pen with a thin line on one end and a thick line on the other end.

2 in 1 eyeliner pen
2 in 1 eyeliner pen swatch
You can see from the swatch that it creates a nice line. It’s a felt-tip, so it’s not a brush. It is a little stiffer than the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner that I generally use, but it’s very similar in formula and easy to use. If you’re looking for a great budget liquid liner that’s easy to use, go pick up this one now. Seriously. Get off your butt now, and go buy this.

I am super excited that I got to try these products! I have worn several of the eyeshadows and played with the eyeliner in some looks recently, and I am very impressed by the quality of these products for the price point. If you’re more on a budget, I would highly recommend looking into Essence as a brand. I also used their nail polishes that are about $2.99 each, and they’re great!

Have you used Essence products before? What are your favorite products?

Stay beautiful! xoxo

  • I rarely use eyeliner these days (mostly because I am lazy :P) but when I’m feeling like doing a cat eye I’ve been loving that Essence liner! It’s pretty easy to use and I’m always a klutz when it comes to liquid liner haha!

    • Laura

      I’m seriously SO impressed with it! Especially for the price point! It’s so precise and easy to use. Definitely an item that deserves praise for sure!