Back to being a bottled ginger!

Hello, my loves. I know I normally don’t blog about hair things. To be honest, I’m really bad at hair. I’m all about taking care of my hair, keeping an awesome color on it, and having it look fresh…but I don’t really style my hair. I ran a flat iron through my hair for these pictures, but that’s generally as far as I go.

I really like my natural hair in all it’s wavy, beachy glory, and I know that heat styling hair can make color fade faster. And getting your hair done is expensive in this day and age! So I try to do everything that I can to take care of it and keep the color as vibrant as it can be for as long as possible. This includes using two different types of dry shampoo all the time.

Take a look at my new ‘do!

These pictures were taken after the first wash so that my scalp was no longer bright red. I have also learned to spray dry shampoo instead of hairspray after styling to give it better texture. I’ve never been a huge fan of hairspray, so this suits my style better.

I hope you guys like my new ‘do! If you have any red hair-specific products you think I should try, give me a shout below! I actually have another video coming your way on Wednesday! It’s a first impressions video! I’ve already said too much. 🙂

Have a fantastic day, my loves! xoxo

  • I freaking love these photos so much! All the white with the starkness of the red is just incredible. Love, love, LOVE!

    • Laura

      Awww, thank you!!! 🙂

  • Chelsea Lennox

    You suit the bright red so well!