REVIEW: Jealous Body Scrub Part 2!

Hello, loves! Today I am bringing you a Jealous Body Scrub review! A few months ago, I wrote about the original body scrub by the company and was blown away at how soft it made my skin and how delicious it smelled. Well, I received an email recently from them saying that they released some new scrubs, and guess what? They’re available now!

Jealous Body Scrub Part 2 front package

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Almond + Coffee scrub. This scrub had that same sweet, caffeinated scent that the original scrub had, but it was a lot less coconut-y. This scrub was all coffee. I swear, I started to get a caffeine high from smelling it. It’s 11pm at night right now as I write this.

Jealous Body Scrub Part 2 ingredients
Jealous Body Scrub Part 2 product
The exfoliation of the scrub is still wonderful, and it increases blood flow to get rid cellulite and reduce eczema. While the original scrub was very soothing and moisturizing on the skin, I did notice that this scrub left a little bit more of a moisturized feeling. It wasn’t an oily residue or anything like I’ve experienced with other scrubs, but my skin definitely felt moisturized, and I didn’t need to put on any lotion after. I can only assume that is from the Sweet Almond Oil added to this scrub.

Jealous Body Scrub Part 2 body part
Bottom line: I would definitely recommend these scrubs. They’re all natural, cruelty-free, Canadian made, and a fantastic product. It definitely makes my skin feel better. Have you tried the Jealous Body Scrub yet?

P.S. Thank you, everyone for bearing with me as my posts are a little limited lately. I am working on a huge overhaul and redesign of this blog, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Have a fantastic day, everyone! 🙂

  • I loved these scrubs so much. Glad to hear this one worked out for you as well. My favourite is still the coconut one for sure though.

  • Nancy

    If only this were out and about when I lived in Ontario and experienced painful eczema during the winter! Gah! Life saver.