REVIEW: Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

So I have a profile on Influenster, and you can click the badge above to see my profile. It’s not very exciting right now as I need to add more information and a profile picture. Anyway, I was contacted to receive what is called a Voxbox to review some products. I received the box last week, and it turns out, it was imPRESS Manicure nails by Broadway Nails. These products were sent to me complimentary for review, but I will always give my honest opinions about any products that I write or film about.

I have been having a hard time with my nails lately. During a Beauty Bloggers chat on Twitter (click here if you want to take part!), I asked what I could do to grow my nails. As you’ll see in the before pictures, my nails have been stubs. My nails have always been long up until about six months ago. I have no idea what happened, but they haven’t grown. Carly from Carly’s Beauty World replied to me with some fantastic advice, and has even written a blog post about it! Before I tested out this imPRESS Manicure nails, I followed her advice about the filing, cuticle oil, etc. to clean my nails. Then I went on to test out the nails.


I was given two sets of the imPRESS Manicure nails, and my parents are visiting me in Toronto, so I had my mom use the other set! Here are the nails in their packaging:

The nails come in solid colors as well as patterns. I was sent the patterns in D100 Dancing Queen and D080 Working Girl. My mom used Working Girl, and I used Dancing Queen.  The packaging is cute as it’s a nail polish bottle that has the top screw off and then opens up to reveal the nails loosely inside. I did find the top was hard to take off of one of the bottles though.

We cleaned our nails and filed them before we put the nails on, and this is the before picture of our nails. Our little stubs clearly needed some pizzazz.

The directions in the package suggest you wash your nails with the prep pad that is enclosed with your nails. The prep pad smells very strongly of alcohol to cleanse, which didn’t bother me as much, but I know some people are sensitive to that smell. After the cleansing, set up your nails in the order that you want to put them on, and then peel the adhesive off the back (the plastic tab should be where the cuticle is), place on the nails, and apply pressure to make them stick to the nail. It’s recommended that you put the nails on from the outside to the inside, and I did find this to be a more convenient way to put them on.

Finally, here is the after picture:

From cleansing with the prep pad to the finished product, it took us about 10 minutes to apply the nails altogether. I did my own, and my mom did her own nails. I am currently typing with them on my nails, and I am not uncomfortable at all. It will be interesting to see how long these nails last on my hands as I work in a gym and a restaurant. I would definitely recommend these nails to anyone on the go who just needs a quick manicure for a night out. I will probably purchase these with my own money in the future, and I would like to try the solid colors. The nails themselves feel solid without feeling like rocks, and the length is perfect. They’re long enough to be noticed but not long enough that I can’t pick up change off the counter.

Here’s another picture for good measure. Just being silly.

Go out and pick up these nails now! In Canada they range from $8-$10, and you can purchase them at Walmart, Target, Loblaws and most large drugstores. Yes, they were sent to me complimentary, but I do recommend this product!

Thank you again to Carly for her lovely post on her blog! I have that bookmarked for when I give myself manicures in the future, and hopefully my nails will be long and beautiful once more!

Have you ever tried press-on or fake nails? What were your impressions? What brands have you tried and would recommend? Comment below!