Spark Sessions Day 2

I’m back with a summary for Day 2 of Spark Sessions! Click here if you want to read about my Day 1!

For Day 2, I decided to wear a medium grey midi dress with zipper embellishments on the side, black tights, and black booties. I didn’t grab a blazer before I zipped out of the house because I didn’t think I would need one. I was very cold in the venue on Day 2. You live, you learn!

The sessions on Day 2 consisted more of PR professionals and social media how-to. It was very helpful, and there was even a media kit workshop that was extremely helpful. The media kit is something that I have been struggling with so to get these pointers from an industry professional was very beneficial for me.

The closing keynote speaker the Spark Sessions got in was Cheryl Hickey from ET Canada. Her speech was inspiring and about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things that you love and believe in. It made me feel very warm and fuzzy being in the same room as her speaking because you can sense the ingenuity and positive energy from her. She made me feel like I could move mountains!

After the conference, we got our swag bags full of swag. I mean, full of swag. Is it weird that I didn’t realize we got swag bags until the end of Day 1? I had no idea so that was like a nice bonus. I was going to write “little bonus,” but it wasn’t so little. A friend weighed the bag and it came in at a whopping 12.5lbs; you should’ve seen me trying to carry this thing on the streetcar and the subway because it was pretty funny. I have been trying everything out and taking a very long time in the bathroom in the mornings because I want to play with all of the things from the bag! If you look closely at my picture, you can see a kitty being curious at the things strewn across the bed!

Here is a lovely group photo of Carly from Beauty and the Blog and Shawna from Spill the Beauty. They are part of a very large group of fantastic people I met this weekend. I wish we all got more group photos together!

Things that I learned from Spark Sessions:

  1. Be an entrepreneur. Think like one, make like one, and your ideas will soar further than you could’ve imagined.
  2. Be authentic. People want to know you–not what you think they want to know. They want to know your thoughts, your ideas, your personality.
  3. Quantity is great, but it’s not the be-all end-all of everything. Quality posts is where it’s at. Take your time to compile your information, take great photos, and put your passion to paper (or website) and create some great content.
  4. Google+ and Pinterest are not the red-headed step-children of social media. They can actually be very helpful in getting yourself out there and networking.

I hope you guys enjoyed my wrap-up of Spark Sessions. If you didn’t get to go to the conference for whatever reason, you should definitely clear your calendar for the weekend they choose next year and attend. It’s wonderful to get so many like-minded people in the same venue and bounce ideas off one another. It felt like a true community. That’s what your fellow bloggers are–your community. Your network. And it’s more than just a business card transaction at the end of the day. It’s a sense of sister(or brother)hood that you feel included in.

I am done with the mushy gushy feels! Please let me know what you thought of Spark Sessions if you attended! Stay beautiful, everyone! xoxo