STORY TIME: My First Facial Peel & Miracle10 Skincare Event

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to this great event at Miracle10 Skincare in Yorkville. If you want to see what I wore to this event, click here for my outfit of the night post I did.

The event featured Michelle from Beauty Editor and was MC’d by Sarah from Sarah Ohm. It was full of fabulous, stylish bloggers munching on some sushi and drinking some wine and bubbly. All of us got a skincare consultation to make sure that we got products that worked for our skin types in our swag bags. We also received a complimentary facial peel to be scheduled for another day.

During the event, we mingled and listened to Sarah and Michelle talk about beauty and skincare trends for the coming season. We learned that bold brows are likely here to stay, matte lips are in right now, and natural hair textures are a look to achieve. The hair trend is especially great for me because I wear my hair air dried pretty often, and it has a natural textured wave to it.

About a week and a half after the event, I went in for my complimentary peel. I have never had a peel before, so I was kind of nervous. I mean, when people talk about the process, it seems kind of scary, right? Someone shaves off a layer of your skin with a surgical blade. Yeah, that seems terrifying.  But it’s nothing to be terrified of.

I won’t bother showing you a no-makeup selfie of before the peel, but if you’ve seen my IMATS Vlog, you know what I look like at 5am. I won’t scare you again. I promise. I went to work that day sans makeup and went straight to my appointment after.

The aesthetician that did my peel was very kind and very well educated. After I signed some papers, she took me into the room and had me explain my skin to her, and then she explained the procedure very thoroughly.

When I laid on the reclined chair, she started by washing my face clean following with a toner to get out any excess cleanser or build up.

After that, came the blade. She shaved off a layer of dead and dry skin to reveal smoother skin and get rid of some hyperpigmentation. You have to be still during this part, so if you have anything to say, raise your hand. When she’s done with the blade, she preps your skin for the actual peel.

She puts the peel on your face and lets it sit for 2 minutes while a fan blows on your face. She then removes the peel and puts on a gorgeous face mask with lavender and eucalyptus to cool and calm the skin. Then she turns off the lights, and you take a 10 minute nap.

After she rinses off the mask, she makes sure your face is very dry so that she can apply dry ice on a sponge (your eyes are protected with goggles) to kill the bacteria on your skin. Then she applies SPF and moisturizer.

Then your skin is good as new! Trust me when I say: your skin is really just as good as new.

I was told by a bunch of people that my skin was going to be very red after the peel and I wouldn’t want to go out in public after. Turns out that was a different type of peel. My skin was radiant after the peel and more even than it’s ever been. My skin has never felt so soft–I didn’t even want to wear makeup for the next few days following the peel. A week later, and my skin is still very soft and even. Here’s a picture of my skin right after:

My Questions Answered for You:

Does it hurt? No, it won’t hurt. The only part that’s uncomfortable is if there are blackheads that need extraction, and the peel itself feels like a mild sunburn for about 5-10 seconds, and then it goes away. The fan that was placed in front of my face helped.

Will my face be very red? No. That is a different kind of peel, and not the peel that I experienced. There was absolutely no redness on my face after, and I do have pretty sensitive skin.

I am so impressed with my peel. I had minimal face peeling after, and the tone is much more even. The clinic is very knowledgable about their products and the procedure, so they made me feel very comfortable.

If you feel like you need to revive your skin, a facial peel is the way to go. My tired skin looks 10x better now.

I hope the story of my first peel was helpful if you were looking into one of these.

Have you ever had a facial peel before? How did you feel?

Stay beautiful, everyone! xoxo