Life update :)

Hi, everyone! I’m hoping you all have had a fantastic weekend. I am writing to you after a long weekend with a face mask on my face.

So how was everyone’s holidays? I know it’s long gone, and all everyone is thinking about right now is working off that holiday weight and catching up on bills. I’m right there with you!

I had a great holiday. I was in Nova Scotia visiting my parents and some friends from Dec. 22-29. Me and my parents had a low-key Christmas as we always do. We’re not big on exchanging huge gifts and tons of things with each other–we like to get thoughtful things for one another and spend time together. Me and my mom went splits on a great espresso machine for my dad because he’s been super into different types of coffee and espresso drinks lately. We thought that would be great for him to play with, and he loved it so much. I got an authentic cappuccino on Christmas morning. 🙂

My parents got their floors redone before I visited and they got these beautiful oak floors installed in the entire house. Because of the brand new floors, my dad bought a robot vacuum that he’s super excited about. Well, the robot vacuum got a little over-zealous and tried to get super close to the Christmas tree (it was a fake tree) and ended up knocking it over and breaking it. So we didn’t have a Christmas tree for Christmas day. Instead we put the poinsettia plant in its place. My dad’s gift was too big though, so I just set it on top.


After I spent four days with my parents, my best friend, Johnny, drove to my parents’ house to pick me up and take me to his place for the last three days of my trip. It was his birthday weekend, and I wanted to spend time with him and his family. We went out and hung out with some great people, closed down a popular Halifax bar with his family and some wicked dancing.

My flight with Porter back home was delayed two and a half hours for vague reasoning so I ended up not getting back home to Toronto and into my front door until 11pm on the 29th. I was exhausted, and my place was still a mess from moving.

Things have been slowly coming together in the new place. I finally have my new computer with my ultra-widescreen monitor (geek moment: my resolution is 2550×1080 Mwahahaha). I have most of my beauty space set up as I just need to source some hooks for jewelry, install some lighting, and get some artwork on these walls. I am so proud of my space, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all on YouTube!

I have some stuff planned for this blog such as regular features, fun types of reviews, videos, etc. I can’t wait to get back into the routine of blogging again. Right now, I don’t have a set blogging schedule as I still need to start a couple of my classes and understand my workload, but once I get everything settled into a schedule, I will be on a roll!

I hope everyone is doing awesome, and has had a wonderful start to 2015. Just remember that no star is too high for you to grab!