REVIEW: Jealous Body Scrub

Hello, my lovelies! Today I have a review you on Jealous Body Scrub. This is a made in Canada, distributed in Canada (go Canada!) body scrub made with all natural ingredients.

This scrub exfoliates with raw brown sugar, sea salt, and coffee grounds, and it moisturizes with coconut oil and Vitamin E. It says that with continued use, it can help with cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, psoriasis, and acne. We can thank the coffee for that…among other things.

When I first opened the scrub, the scent took over. It’s coffee, so it’s the way to my heart, obviously. But the coconut oil and the raw brown sugar add this sweetness to it that’s almost like cookie dough. I am not one for sweet scents like candy and vanilla, but this was delicious.


I stepped into the tub and got my entire body wet and started to slather it all over. The scrub is gritty but not overwhelmingly. I’ve been dealing with my eczema since it got very cold a few weeks ago, so I decided to give this a try once I received it. I stood in the tub like a silly goose for 5-10 minutes and tried awkwardly to get photos. Eventually, I rinsed it off and rinsed my tub.

When I got out, my skin felt divine. I did notice that it was moisturized, a bit more even, and less patchy on my arms. My only issue with this product is that the packaging, while minimal and environmentally friendly, is hard to use. You can’t get it wet because it is just a bag, so you might want to put it in your own container. Also, this product is quite messy, but it’s nothing a little rinse with the shower head can’t fix.

I would very highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality, natural body scrub. You can even use it on your face too! This is great for those of you with sensitive skin like myself, but it’s also great for everyone else. I’m hoping this company comes out with some more products because this has some serious promise.

I may edit this review in several weeks in regards to getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks. We’ll see how well it works down the road, but for now, I’m extremely impressed.

What are your favorite scrubs? Do you use the same one on your face and body? Or do you switch it up?

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