EVENT RECAP: NeoStrata at Fashion Week

Hello again! I decided to take a quick break from my last presentation and give you guys the low-down on a NeoStrata event that I went to during Fashion Week here in Toronto. I didn’t get many pictures of my outfit because this was the day that the subway was shut down due to a weird leakage downtown, and I was forced to walk 45 minutes in the freezing cold, and I was not going to wear my super cute skirt and heels for that, and I already had too much school stuff to carry. I will, however, do a style post on my planned outfit because, well, it’s cute as hell. /rant

The event was hosted by Neostrata, and they were unveiling some new products that are due out next month and September, 2015. I was gifted a set of these products by them, and I am so excited to test them out and share a review with you!

One of the lines that they introduced was SecureWhite, and this is the set that gifted us with at the event. Some notes on the SecureWhite line:


  • Made for hyperpigmentation on the face and under eye area
  • This treats and maintains the skin pigmentation and is still great for sensitive skin
  • There were 52% improvement in dark spots in two weeks, and 42% improvement of brightness and clarity within two months
  • This product is still great for women and men of color as it does not bleach the skin, rather it treats the hyper pigmentation

The next line that they briefly introduced was a new acne line launching in September. They didn’t have the actual product in their set up, but there was an informative slideshow of what’s to come with this launch. Here are some of notes on the new Acne line:


  • Clinical, dermatologist, and Health Canada tested (Cool, huh?)
  • It’s formulated with glycolic acid to get rid fo the dead skin cells on the surface
  • Also formulateed with salicylic acid to get deep into the pores to clean out the garbage

I’m sure I will have more information closer to September on this launch. It looks very promising!

I was invited to a Lole fashion show by Neostrata, but I had to skip it due to my workload with school. I was very upset that I could not attend because it’s athletic and yoga wear, and I love looking at new yoga and athletic wear–especially because I am starting to get back into running (planning on running a half marathon in October!)

I really hope that next Fashion Week I can take part more, and I don’t have so much schoolwork to do because it was so stressful during March for me. Luckily, I only have until April 10th, and then I’m done for the semester! Things that I am most excited for: leisure reading, a glass of wine, Netflix, and OF COURSE filming and blogging!!! So excited for my freedom.

Did you take part in any Fashion Week things? What are you most looking forward to this month?