STYLE POST: I'm back and wearing a lot of grey!

Hello, beauty lovers! I wanted to give you a quick update before I show you one of my favorite outfits for the fall season. I am in my new place! Hooray! I have the cutest place ever, even if it is very small. I just have to fit myself in it and nobody else! I got my vanity all set up over the weekend, but I am just working on some organizing since I had to split my two desks and lost a little bit of desk space in the process. I am hoping to get some filming in sometime this week because I miss it so much!

The Outfit

These pictures were taken a little while ago when I was still living in my other building. One of the biggest trends for Fall/Winter 2015 is grey. We’ve seen it on celebrities like Kendall Jenner throughout the season, and I love this trend. I’ve always been a huge fan of grey because it’s a great neutral but it’s not as harsh as black (don’t get me wrong–I love black too). Also, my work uniform consists of a lot of grey, so this works in my favor. This outfit is great for transitioning into colder weather while heading out to lunch with some friends (which is what I was on my way to on this day).

This is my attempt at “smizing.” I’m learning–be patient. I am in love with this blanket sweater from H&M. It’s perfect for fall because it’s warm but it’s not too warm.


Pants, shirt, sweater: H&M; Bag, shoes: Aldo; Earrings: Swarovski

I hope everyone had a great October! I’m excited to be posting again! Let me know if there are any makeup tutorials or trends you want me to cover! Have a fabulous day! xoxo