REVIEW: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hello, beauty bugs! I’m back on a regular schedule finally. I am going to be filming a video this week with a detailed update for everyone and will go over my favorite beauty products as of late.

But let’s focus on something else right now:  Irresistible Me Hair Extensions. I was lucky to receive these for review, and I received them a long time ago, so I’ve played with them and used them a lot since and can give you a really in-depth review.

The extensions that I chose were the 24in. Royal Remy hair extensions (200g) in Royal Ginger. I already have pretty long hair, so I figured go big or go home, right? Let’s just say every time I put these in my hair, I feel like a mermaid…or Carrie Underwood. Either way, there’s a lot of hair there, and it’s absolutely fabulous.

I should mention that I chose the color on a whim because I really wasn’t sure what my color would be, and they matched perfectly. Here is my hair before:

As you can see, my hair is already pretty long and a very bright red. Enter the hair extensions:

The hair extensions came in a sealed bag with one side available to you to check the color match and the quality of the hair. After you open the main pouch, the hair is non-returnable. The hair came straight as you see it on my head. Throughout the past couple of months, I have used them straight and curly. In the picture below, you can see all of the hair that you receive after I curled it with a curling wand.

If you look at the top of the hair pile, you’ll see a very big track on that weft of hair. I’ve never seen this before, but it’s on what is supposed to be the first piece of hair you put in, and it does help keep the hair stable. Even my stylist said she’s never seen this before, but she liked the idea.

Things to keep in mind when using hair extensions:

  • If you must color your extensions, never lighten them. Buy a lighter color and dye them darker. Stripping the hair to lighten them will damage the extensions, and they are not cheap. You want to get your complete money’s worth out of them.
  • If you want them to blend better, take them in to your stylist for a dry cut. Make sure you label the extensions so you know which one goes in where, and they will cut them while they are in your hair.
  • Only wash them when absolutely necessary. I don’t typically use a lot of styling product as it is–I only really use a heat protectant. When your extensions seem to have a big enough build up of product on them so it’s difficult to style, then use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

If you are looking for some good hair extensions, I do recommend these ones. I’ve used several brands of hair extensions in the past–some bought from online stores, some from Ebay, some from specialty stores–and I can say these are my favorite ones so far.

If you’ve seen a recent Instagram post of mine, you will notice that I no longer have red hair. These pictures were taken two days before I changed my color. I just have to color the extensions darker now, and they’ll match again. I will update this post with more pictures at that time.

Have you tried hair extensions before? What are your favorites?

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