REVIEW: blinc Products

blinc discovery box
Hello, beauty lovers! Today I have a review for you on blinc. These products are found at Sephora, and they offer a range long-lasting, high-end cosmetics. I was sent four products for review, and I am excited to share my thoughts with you. I did try these for the first time on video, so I will have that video up for you soon! I thought it would be fun to really see my reaction to the products.

1. Eye Shadow Primer

blinc eyeshadow primer
I’m not a big fan of most eye shadow primers. I find they don’t make a difference in the longevity of my eye makeup, and they usually tend to crease on my lid. I do use NYX HD Eye Shadow Base in White usually to give an extra POP of color to my brights, but that’s the only reason I use it. The blinc Eye Shadow Primer comes in Light Tone and Flesh Tone with Light Tone being very light. I was happy with this shade as this would definitely make my eye shadow brighter (even though I chose some nude shades…oops).

blinc eye shadow primer swatch
I have to say that when I applied the primer with the doe foot applicator and dabbed it in with my finger, I could feel how tacky the primer was. It didn’t seem to cling to the creases in my eyelids, and it did even out the tone of my lids to rid itself of impurities. I used some especially frosty eye shadow and had no fallout, and the eye shadow stayed in place all day without creasing. I am definitely impressed with this primer, and I don’t think I’ve said that about many of them.

2. Eyeliner Pencil

blinc eyeliner pencil
blinc eyeliner pencil swatch
I’m a huge fan of eyeliner pencils in general. I love smoking them out and making them look bad-ass with some great eye shadow. This pencil is marketed as being water-proof and smudge-proof with added antioxidants and vitamins to firm and condition the skin. Because this is smudge-proof, you have to smoke it and smudge it out immediately after application before it dries down. This eyeliner really does not go anywhere. I have not put it on my waterline yet because I tend to get very watery eyes when I apply liner to my waterline; I am very curious to see how it holds up though, so I will update this review at a later date with that information. I was given the black eyeliner, and the color is very dark and it glides on well. It’s very easy to make it look natural, even with a very black eyeliner.

3. Mascara Amplified

blinc mascara amplified
I think this might be my favorite product out of the bunch. I received the mascara in Black. This is considered water-resistant, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and flake-proof. It coats the lashes to form tiny “tubes” around your lashes, making it easier to build up a lot of volume…and it does not disappoint. Length isn’t really something I care about with mascara because the lashes that I do have are long, but I don’t have many, and I deal with losing eyelashes very regularly. This mascara builds crazy volume, absolutely does not flake, and stays put for a very long time. Just look at these results.

blinc mascara amplified comparison

4. Eyebrow Mousse

blinc eyebrow mousse
blinc eyebrow mousse swatch
I received this product in Light Brunette, which is a bit light for my almost-black brows, but I was excited to try this as I’ve been wanting to explore new eyebrow products. This mousse holds the brows in place, tints the hair, and fills in sparse areas. This was probably my least favorite product in the group. While it held up throughout the entire day, the brush was way too big to be comfortable. Luckily, I have large-and-in-charge eyebrows, but people with very small brows might have a problem with how big this brush is. I also feel like it would be best to use this in conjunction with a pencil. I found the mousse didn’t fill in sparse areas all that well, and I truthfully could not achieve a decent before and after picture showing off the product. When I get my Get Ready With Me/First Impression video up using these products, I will link it here because you will definitely be able to see how it works in that video. It could be that the color is just too light for my eyebrows, so it doesn’t show up in photos well.


I am very impressed with the longevity of wear with these products. At the end of the day, I took off my makeup with a makeup wipe like I normally do, and the eyebrow mousse, eyeliner, and mascara all stayed in place through that. I did have to do makeup removal again with an oil-based remover for the eyebrow mousse and eyeliner, and then I used a washcloth and warm water with a lot of pressure to take off the mascara as instructed. If you are like me and have 14 hour days, these products will hold up without fading, flaking, or smudging. Application is pretty easy and foolproof with the eyebrow mousse being the exception. The Mascara Amplified is definitely a standout product in the group and will make its way into my Glam Squad of products for special events.

Here is a look at my finished face using all the blinc products except for the eyeliner pencil. The pencil will definitely be featured in my future video with these products.

all blinc products
Have you tried blinc? Any thoughts? What are your favorite long-lasting products?