Welcome Back to Lipstick and Laura

Hello and welcome back to the relaunch of Lipstick and Laura! I hope everyone has had a successful and fulfilling start to 2017. It feels amazing to have this blog relaunched, redesigned, and moved over to WordPress for better functionality!

What Happened?

Pretty much. #workhardplayhard #girlboss

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The last couple of years have been pretty tough on me in terms of school and work. Trying to fit everything into a one-person show has been interesting. During the school year, I ended up taking 5 or 6 courses a semester in addition to full time work. I ended up pretty burnt out. With everything going on, I kept having meltdown after meltdown. As someone who deals with anxiety on a regular basis, it was not good for my mental health.

In addition, I found that I was a bit lost within the beauty community. Everything seemed very commercialized and about having the newest and best thing first and fast that it was pushing me to spend money that I quite frankly didn’t have on things that I would use for a week and then push to the back of a drawer. I needed to find my online identity without changing who I was inside. I ended up taking a step back from the internet and my blog for longer than I wanted, but now that I’m finished university (I literally write my last final in 3 days), I have extra time to work on what I want to.

What is Going on in my Personal Life?

In three days, I write my last final exam, and I am finished my Bachelor’s degree. This is the hardest, best, and worst accomplishment I’ve ever completed. I have gone through so many life changes over the course of this undergrad and have had to change so much that it feels amazing to graduate and move on from it.

Recently, I started a new job working with digital products and laying the foundation for a future career, and I’m incredibly happy there. It’s in an industry that I know very well and am passionate and excited about.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that at the beginning of this year, I started dating someone new and we now live together. He is incredibly supportive and is my own personal cheerleader every day.

I’ve started and ended friendships, I’ve taken inventory of my life, and I’ve generally just grown up. I’m always trying to be a better person and treat people better, and I like to believe that I’m succeeding.

Where Are We Going From Here?

I have decided to incorporate more fashion and lifestyle posts into this blog. Fashion and styling outfits have always interested me, and I have a background in health and fitness. While I’ve always had my blog to express that, I never utilized it that way. When I was asking advice from someone, she told me to “just do it.” I shouldn’t think about it so much, and I should just follow through with my passion and see how it translates. So that is what I am going to be doing here on Lipstick and Laura. You will be seeing things about beauty, makeup, fashion, and fitness, with life events and some personal musings thrown in there. I will be posting and filming regularly. This direction will be very exciting for me.

What Would You Like to See Covered?

If there is any specific content or idea that you would like to see covered, let me know in the comments below! I look forward to sharing my world with everyone.