REVIEW: Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea

Hello, beauty lovers. Today I have a review of the Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea. I purchased this product at the One of a Kind Show in March; you can read my event coverage of that here. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of stress, change, and craziness, and I needed something to help relax me and my muscles. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was on a bus when it was in an accident, so my body was particularly hurting the night I decided to use this stuff.

Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea

I love innovative bath products. I also love bath products that use high-quality ingredients. The Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea smells incredible upon the first sniff. There’s a blend of sea salt and Himalayan salt, seaweed, rose petals and rosebuds. A reusable muslin tea bag is included with your purchase. Fill up the bag with the bath tea and throw it in a full tub to steep. The salt water will help relieve sore muscles and joints while the beautiful scent of rose will help relax you. I also never have a bath without a good glass of wine, and I have photographic evidence of that.

Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea

Final Thoughts?

After soaking in the tub, I felt mentally and physically relaxed. I believe in taking salt baths for sore muscles, so this type of product was right up my alley. Sealuxe has several different kinds of bath tea to choose from, and I will definitely be checking out the other options. You can purchase the Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea here. Sealuxe also has some great skincare. I recommend checking that out as well, and I talk about their Seaweed Face Mask in my May 2018 Beauty Favorites video!

What are your favorite bath products? Have you tried anything innovative and fun lately?